October 2023 Cycling Challenge

Hello, Clara in communications here. - Me with the flowery sweater at Alf Pettersson AB...

I invited our cycling enthusiasts to a small "sit down" where I, on the last day, wanted to inquire about how it went, why they chose to participate and whether they will continue cycling even after the challenge. Of course, I myself have participated in the challenge, in addition to the fact that I have actually cycled since mid-April (yes, I actually put the car away for the summer).

This year we had 10 participants in the challenge, which took place in October, including both communicators, myself and Roland. In addition to us, Jan-Krister, Anna, Jesper, Simon, Benthe, Gareth, Henrik and Veronika also cycled, which is absolutely fantastic. What we all agree on is that the next challenge should include at least 5 more people. We all want to participate again, but we see potential in our other colleagues as well.

October is not a great month for cycling and more than once, most of us probably hesitated whether we should really take the bike.

"Because my son and I cycle past the school on my way to work, some days were difficult to motivate - he didn't want to cycle, so we actually took the car," said Jan-Krister, who nevertheless cycled many of the days.

The times you cycle past traffic jams on the way home are warmer than the rain is cooler, according to both Jan-Krister and Jesper, who live quite centrally.

Jesper usually cycles to work too - "However, it's always more fun to have a challenge and some internal competition in the workplace" he says. Everyone agrees - and most of the people who don't usually cycle are there mainly because of the challenge. "If Anna can cycle, so can I," adds Jan-Krister.

Veronika is our "veteran" - she cycles almost every day, all year round. Snow, rain, wind and sun - nothing stops her! She has, like most others in the gang between 2 - 3 km one way - but also cycles home sometimes for lunch. Anna, who lives in Lerum, clearly has the longest - but has put together different distances depending on her stamina. The commute between Gothenburg and Alingsås gives her a good boost. "They have actually fixed bicycle parking on the trains," she says, showing a picture of both bicycle racks and clear signs. Super nice, we think!

In general, we have all cycled safely in the dark - reflectors, lights, helmets and high-visibility vests - Safety is important, we think! It is only Henrik who got into a little trouble during the month, but the worst has been a dented bicycle basket and a bruised ego, fortunately.

We talked a bit about alternative challenges and came to the conclusion that a step challenge could perhaps be the next internal competition - A little smoother and also maybe you can count the steps during the rest of the day as well? - Who actually takes the most steps at Alf Pettersson AB?

Cycle safely! //Clara

Cyclist and photo: Anna Sandgren
From left: Clara (with a very flowery sweater)Henrik, Veronika, Jesper, Anna, Jan-Krister and Benthe. Missing in the picture: Roland, Gareth and Simon.

Fact box

Alf Pettersson AB has participated in the "bicycle challenge" for the second time this year. Cykelvänligast is a challenge organized throughout Sweden - all you have to do is register one or more teams of 3-5 people, from your workplace. You can read more here: https://cykelvanligast.se/
Together we at Alf Pettersson AB have cycled a total of 162 days and 1195 km. Henrik has been the most diligent, who cycled 19 of 20 days, but in the number of kilometers cycled, I actually win, with 210 km. In the internal competition, the team "AP Premium Bikers" won (Anna, Veronika, Gareth, Roland and myself) who every week cycled the most kilometers to our common pot and swept the carpet with "Jeppes biker boys" (Simon, Jesper, Benthe, Henrik and Jan-Krister).

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