Follow-up: Who are the sellers? Eivaz and Anders

Eivaz is the colleague who, in addition to Alf and Jan-Krister, has worked the longest at Alf Pettersson AB. When he is not at work and brightening the days of his colleagues and customers, he is on the football field in his trainer's jacket.

When we sat down after our morning coffee, we started talking about football and Eivaz's knee surgery - but we'll come back to that later.

In the early days when Alf Pettersson AB was still in Vårgårda and consisted of two employees, Eivaz was offered a full-time job. The offer came from an acquaintance in football, specifically Jan-Krister. At the time, Alf Pettersson AB's premises were 288 square meters, they had a pallet truck, no pallet racks and everything was more or less a bit of a mess. Eivaz's job turned out to be versatile. He worked in the warehouse but also in sales, purchasing and invoicing. "In those days, we faxed mailings, 10 at a time, we couldn't type in more fax numbers".

Previously, he had worked in a variety of jobs such as a delivery tester at Autoliv, a resource at school and collecting sports results. What he learned early on was that he enjoyed working with people. So around 2010, when Alf Pettersson AB moved to Alingsås, Eivaz got a pure sales service and then the company had about 12 employees.

But, now back to football, an important input. Eivaz played a lot of football, as long as his body lasted, from Division 6 to Division 3. When he could no longer play because of his injuries - well, he started refereeing matches and coaching young people instead. He has been involved in refereeing at Gothia Cup in Gothenburg - but does not referee so often anymore - now his focus is on training Pojkar 09, where one of his sons plays.

Eivaz lives in Vårgårda with his wife Johanna and their two sons. Together with his parents, he arrived in Vårgårda in 1989 and should by now be considered a true Vårgårda resident?

When asked what he likes most about his job - he lights up and quickly answers "The feeling when the customer is satisfied". Helping and making sure everyone is happy is Eivaz's strength. The customer is always in focus and he enjoys developing cooperation with the company's key customers.

Eivaz's hidden talent is that he can eat sunflower seeds in his sleep and hold his breath for a very long time underwater. "The lungs and heart of an endurance athlete" he has been told several times, but in his younger days.

If he could only choose one dish to have in his lunchbox for the rest of his life, it would "easily" be Persian rice served with grilled shish kebab and grilled entrecote.

Eivaz Varghaei

While Eivaz has shared his entire life story (which is about as long as his time at Alf Pettersson AB), Anders has sat next to him and listened with interest. Anders is our latest addition in sales, so this pair complements each other really well.

Anders Larsson

Anders has grown up on a stud farm, that is, horse breeding and breeding and more specifically, of Shetland ponies. Today he no longer lives on the farm, but still in the same area in Västra Bodarne, just outside Alingsås.

There he spends time with his partner Andrea and their two children, frolicking in the garden or engrossed on the sofa in front of a football match with his favorite team Johor Darul Takzim... and for those of us who don't know, he adds that Manchester City is actually his favorite team. Much to the chagrin of Eivaz, who has Liverpool close to his heart. An important note is that Anders started following City already in 2007, when Svennis took over as coach.

Growing up in the countryside, Anders' keen interest in animals is not surprising at all. When Anders and his twin brother Marcus came home from childhood vacations, their foreheads were pale from all the scouting on the ground - for insects - that they could add to their collection. Which eventually contained around 800 species.
When he wasn't rooting around in bushes, he played racket sports - preferably table tennis and tennis, but also some badminton and nowadays also padel.

Anders studied the science program at high school and economics at university and landed his first job as an inside salesman, not an economist. He stayed in that job for 16 years before he started looking for new challenges - specifically Alf Pettersson AB.

Today he has been working with us for just over a year, also as an inside salesman. He enjoys it very much and looks forward to coming to work and meeting his colleagues every day. And we must admit that we like him too. In the near future, Anders will join the Volvo team, which includes Jesper and Markus (as you could read about in our previous article).

In addition to all the knowledge Anders has about animals, nature and now also truck bodies, we can add that one of his hidden talents is juggling. We look forward to proof of this at the upcoming summer party.

When we asked him which lunchbox he would like to have for the rest of his life, he smiled and replied "double cheese from the donk - you have to have your guilty pleasures?". An obvious choice of lunchbox, we think.

Thank you Eivaz and Anders for a nice conversation!

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