ApTur HH Cabinet

Stylish full size utility rack with Diesel tank, Hydraulic tank and a lot of storage.

  • Diesel tank 780 litre
  • Hydraulic tank volym 206L (Rec.filling level:185L)
  • Storage boxes
  • Trailer coupling plate in 12 positions, plus hangers. Interchangeable adapter plates for non-split-cable mounts.
  • Integrated working lamps and rear-view camera.
  • Foldable platform for top level access.

Available in following models:

ApTur HH V1: Bottom floor equipped with doors that open to the side of the truck. (not suited for cabins with side air deflectors)

ApTur HH V2: Bottom floor equipped with drawers that retracts to the rear with access from the ground. Wardrobe interior in the left cabinet.

ApTur HH V3: Bottom floor equipped with drawer on the driver’s side that retracts to the rear with access from the ground. On the passenger side there is a storage cabinet with a right-hinged door with access from the Catwalk. Wardrobe interior in the left pull-out cabinet.


Fitted ApCat catwalk for safe and easy access.

Frame End Cover

Complete the styling with a frame end cover that matches the ApCat catwalk.

TraXide Side Panel

Stylish side panel in polished stainless steel. Add optional integrated (hidden) toolboxes both of drawer, and door models.

Bogie Ladder and Bogie Box

  • Retractable ladder mounted between the mudguards.
  • Toolbox mounted between the mudguards. A range of models is available.

SP Rear Light Brackets

Hand crafted rear light brackets in our unique design. Made in polished stainless steel.

All products are made in Alingsås, Sweden

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